Our Staffs

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Vijaya Sastry Meesala

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M. Satyavedam Sastry
General Secretary/Director for Community Development Program

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Pastor M. Vedanayakam Sastry
Director for Missions

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Pastor A. Premraj

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Pastor Ch. Johnson
Field Coodinator

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Pastor. P. G. Rao
Area Leader – Krishna Dist.

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Pastor. M. Eliah
Area Leader – North Andhra

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Pastor. Raja Rao
Area Leader – Vizag Dist.

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K. Isaac
L. Manager/Driver

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Mulaga Rao
Children Home

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G. Santhamma
Children Home

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P. Vamsi


Reach All Nations’ commitment is to be open and transparent before God and man about the gifts and support given to us. At the end of each year, Reach All Nations obtains an independent audit by a certified Chartered Accountant. Our Board consists of seven members who regularly oversee the ministry projects to ensure that all the gifts given are used for the purpose they are donated. It is assured that 100% of your support goes to the field.

You may write to us for our latest Financial Statement.
You may write to us for our latest Annual Report.