Ministry Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Greetings in Jesus name! We would like to take some time to share a little longer report of what the Lord has been doing in and though RAN ministry in the recent past and reflect on how the Lord brought us thus far in our journey of faith….!!!We want to thank you for coming along side, praying and supporting us.


Many of you are aware that my father Pastor. M. Sundara Rao was called into ministry about 30years ago. I received my calling into the Lord’s ministry about 14 years ago. We are thankful to the Lord for his grace in our lives and entrusting us with his glorious Gospel ministry. Even before we had any of the Western Churches coming along side and support us, we were able to train and send 35 young people from the local church where my father is serving which has 100-125 members. Its a small village Church. These 35 young people were at one time Sunday school students in this village Church. My father with much care, focused on this Sunday school and when these kids grew up – they had the calling and deep passion to plant churches where there is no Gospel. Praise the Lord.


We began RAN in June 2001 as an offshoot of this local Church. We have always had and continue to enjoy the the support and prayers of the local Church in Ventrapragada. We are thankful to the Lord for many members and elders of this Church for their encouragement, continuous prayers, and support.


Toward the end of 2006, after the completion of my M.Th in Islamic studies in Minneapolis, though I had the opportunity to stay back in the US to work and earn – God gave me grace to return back to my home country because I know that the Lord called me to serve HIM in my own country. God has been gracious in guiding us and providing us all our needs. We always looked up to the Lord and he delivered us from all the circumstances/needs. Since my returning home, I am thankful to the Lord for all the teams, Churches, Pastors who visited us, prayed with us, stayed in our home long term, preached in our Churches, and generously supported the Lord’s work here in Andhra Pradesh.


I am thankful to the Lord for your long standing (about 7 or more years) relationship, friendship and partnership for the sake of the Gospel here in India. I am thankful to the Lord for many of you who have come, stayed, and seen what the Lord is doing in our midst. We want to thank you for your prayers and generous support.


In the context of many ministry opportunities, Connections, and Churches in/from India – thank you for choosing to pray, support, and come along side RAN. There are many native ministries which does genuine work go through different levels of hardships for the sake of the Gospel and would really appreciate your support. We pray that the Lord will give you grace and discernment to use your resources faithfully and with much care and come along side those that are genuinely doing the Gospel work. As the ministry is growing RAN leadership is always trying and finding ways to improve in the administrative work and transparency. Please pray for us as we are trying to improve accountability system, bring in needed policies, and put better financial safe guards. We are certainly growing in that direction. More than anything else we the RAN team plead with you to please pray that the Lord will give us grace to be faithful in this glorious Gospel ministry.


We are sinners Chosen, forgiven, redeemed and loved by Jesus Christ our Lord and He has entrusted us with this glorious ministry. We will continue to serve the Lord no matter if there is support or not. Because Jesus is the reason why we are in this Gospel ministry, enduring all the suffering with much joy, going into life threatening people and places with the glorious Gospel. Please pray that we may be faithful in His work till the end.


Thank you

Your brother in the Lord’s work,

Vijay Sastry