RAN Annual Church Convention

Brief Report:


RAN team would like to thank all those who have prayed from the RAN First Annual Church Convention from 25-28 April 2013. God was gracious during this Church convention.


The goal of Coming together: Once in a month we usually meet with the RAN Pastors and Churches in each of their regions for prayer, fellowship, and to give support. About 3 months ago RAN team felt very strongly about bringing all the RAN Churches together for a convention. The team felt that it would be a great blessing to have not only Pastors and their wives but also Church members from various RAN Churches from 7 different districts of AP to come together in Ventrapragada. This is done for the first time in 14 years of RAN work. And this will help all the RAN Church believers:


1. To spend time in prayer, word, and fellowship.
2. To be encouraged, refreshed, and strengthened in their walk with the Lord.
3. To get to know each other personally and also
4. To hear from each other what the Lord is doing in their region.


Rain – Prayer – Good Weather:


Even 10days before the convention to be started there was heavy rain. On and off the rains continued through that week. We were to conduct this convention in a paddy field. We had great concern but also greater faith. All the RAN Churches came together and asked the Lord for his mercy. We had rains on 21st, 22nd, 24th. Each time the rain comes all the Church members and friends would come to the field and try to get the water out of the filed using sponges and buckets. But God delivered us on that day of the convention. From 25-28 April there was no rain at all. All the villagers who saw this also praise the Lord and many villagers said “your God has control over the weather” and Praised the Lord. Its not because we are great saints or prayer warriors but just because of His grace and love towards his people we had good weather. Thank you all who prayed for this convention.


Indigenously Lead, Supported, and Taught – RAN Church Convention:


As we have been praying about this Church convention, we were also convicted that this convention would be a blessing to have it lead, supported, and taught by Indigenous people, leaders, and Pastors. We began to pray – seeking God’s blessings and grace over this convention. All the RAN Churches prayed on a regular basis. Until two weeks before the convention we had just zero funds available. But it was amazing to see God’s hand moving to bring financial help from within RAN Churches and also the local Church in Ventrapragada. We looked up to God for all the needs to be met for this convention. God was faithful and provided all our needs. More than 85% of the financial support came from locally from all the RAN Churches. They gave generously not because they have much to give but they gave from within their limited resources and also gave cheerfully for the Lord’s work. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Our desire in the future is to have this convention each year, Lord willing and be supported locally.