Focus and Strategy

Christian mission’s strategist Luis Bush started calling this rectangular area “The 10/40 Window” because it lies 10° Latitude South of the Equator to 40° Latitude North of the Equator across Africa and Asia. This place is often called also as “The Resistant Belt.”

After two thousand years of missionary activity, over half the world has still not heard the Gospel. There are simply not enough missionaries or available economic resources from the West to reach all the nations of the world. Clearly a different strategy is called for.

Our Strategy – Native Missions

We train, send, and support Native Missionaries. They’re working in their own countries – winning their own people. This method has proven to be the most effective and efficient model for mission work in the 21st century.

Native Missionaries are more effective because they:

  • Do not have many cultural, linguistic, and social barriers.
  • Are many in number, already on the field, and ready to go!
  • Understand and function correctly in the culture around them.
  • Have no difficult transition period.
  • Are able to live at the same standards of those around them.
  • Are not hindered by the cultural distrust Western missionaries face.
  • Do not require nearly as much financial resources to maintain their work.
  • Many Western missionary families require $3000 to $4000 a month to work in a foreign land. The Native Missionary is able to live on the same salary as his fellow countrymen. Often less than $200 a month.
  • For what it costs to support one North American missionary with a monthly support of $4000, it is possible to support 20 Native Missionaries!

Emphasis on Native Missionaries, however, does not come at the expense of foreign missionaries’ involvement in missions. It simply allows foreign missionaries resources to go a lot farther. Both are a vital part of the Christian Body. Without the prayer and financial support of our foreign brothers and sisters, Native Missionaries would be significantly crippled in their efforts, as most of them live in spiritually and economically depressed regions.
And as 80% of the world evangelization is being done by Native Missionaries, without Native Missionaries, the church cannot hope to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime.