How RAN Began?

I was raised in a Christian family although my father and mother had come out of a Hindu background. They were childless but after years of praying, I was born. Growing up, I was a rebellious, two-faced PK – Pastor’s Kid. It wasn’t until I was 17 that the Gospel of Jesus Christ finally took hold but I had no enthusiasm to follow in my father’s footsteps as a preacher for I saw all the difficulties my parents faced in their ministry. I wanted to become an Indian Police Service Officer. But like Hannah in the Bible, my parents had dedicated me to ministry before I was even born. So in 1997, reluctantly, I entered seminary. I did well in my studies but the entire time, questions gnawed at my conscience: “Am I here for the right reason? Or just to please my parents?” For two and a half years, I prayed to hear a special call for my ministry.

The Call

The call came to me in the form of a startling vision. In April 1999, just before my graduation, I saw a hand from above quickly draw a world map in the sky and a small box within the map. Then I heard a voice saying, “Jesus is going to come soon; be prepared and make people prepared.” Then the vision ended. I was excited but a bit confused. God had graciously given me a crystal-clear call. Now I prayed to understand what the box meant.


The Box

A few weeks later someone was sharing a prayer request in the chapel. With the help of a projector, he showed a map of the world and pointing at a rectangle inside it he said, “This is called The 10/40 Window. The most unreached people on earth.” That was the first time I heard of the 10/40 Window before but not the first time I’d seen that box! It was the one in my vision. And it included India. I shared the epiphany with my father and within two years – beginning with the ministry my father Pastor M. Sundara Rao had established 35 years earlier as a base, Reach All Nations began.