Indigenous Missionary Support

Reach All Nations has its own Native Leadership Training Program through which people from 7 districts of Andhra Pradesh receive theological training. Upon the completion of the training, they are sent back to their own communities/places/villages to do Church planting work.


Prayer: Prayer is the most important thing in the church ministry and our Native Missionaries need much of it. We give it top priority. Which is why you often get the message, “He/she is busy right now but will call you back as soon as possible.”


Financial Support: RAN does provide limited financial support for its Native Missionaries who plant Churches. But our ultimate goal is to make these Churches self-sufficient so we do evaluate these Church ministries on a regular basis and continue the support for a period of 3-5 years depending on the need.


Continuing Biblical Training and Fellowship: After the 40 Days Bible Training Sessions and once the new church is planted, we meet our missionaries in each region for a day-long meeting for prayer, sharing the word, sharing the struggles, and for fellowship. We do this on a monthly basis until our fledgling Church is fully launched.