Native Leadership Training (Theological Training)

RAN offer short and long term theological training programs which are designed for young missionaries, pastors, Christian leaders, and church youth who do not have access to or cannot afford expensive seminary training, but are committed and interested in the ministry. The purpose of these trainings is to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus by providing them with the highest spiritual and academic excellence, practical ministry opportunities which will bring spiritual, physical, psychological, and social changes in the broken human society. Our desire is to be a channel of God’s blessings to all people.

Native Leadership Training (Theological Training)

  1. To Inform: This training provides comprehensive information of the ministry foundations, models, issues, need, opportunities, and challenges in the context of pluralistic society.
  2. To Equip: This training is designed to equip men and women to serve the Lord in various capacities in several areas of the Christian ministry; and to develop leaders for the church by providing the highest academic knowledge in the word of God and in practical ministry.
  3. To Inspire: This training stimulates believers to respond to the call of God and to instill vision and passion for the unreached world to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the nations of 10/40 Window.
  4. To Prepare: men and women to have an informed appreciation of socio-economical issues, religious-political issues, and human cultural heritage around us, and to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to the society.
  5. To Provide: the best and inexpensive theological education possible in the context where education has become expensive and out of reach for the poor.
  6. To Create: a place for a deep study of the Word of God, teach sound doctrine through the meaningful interpretation of the Scriptures, in a manner that is consistent with the apostolic teaching, which can bring spiritual growth and transformation in life.

40 Days Bible Training

India a multi-religious society today which stands at the verge of communal hatred, tension and killings. Some of the issue arises out of the political influence on religion. The violence between different communities continues to create huge barriers between people. Revenge is becoming the option to deal with situations. Violence only repels violence is not understood by many but it justifies alone to be experienced. In this context RAN is working hard in bringing remedy to this sort of situation and ultimately causing peace to sustain by equipping young disciples in leadership role and enabling to present the Good News in and through the communities through the 40 days Leadership Training Programs.


Training Centre is mission oriented and was established in 2006 to train Godly, faithful, and God-glorifying leaders for the church at large. This training centre has been established in Ventrapragada in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.


At present the trainings are open to Telugu speaking students from Andhra Pradesh. But we envision opening this training center in an English medium for National and International inclusion. We offer short term mission training programs, but we also envisage offering graduate and post-graduate degrees in the near future.


Apart from the training, importance is given to character building and personal prayer. The faculty members, with years of experience, serve as role models for the students. Since the training centre is located right in the mission field, student do get opportunities to plant churches and practically involve themselves in the ministry during their training period itself.


Location of Project: Ventrapragada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.


Project Description and Activities: One of the main goals of this Leadership Training is to encourage the participating native missionaries to look in to various spiritual aspects deeply. This is also a time of learning how to present the good news, discipleship, and Biblical values. This also functions as a spiritual revival/renewal time.


Duration: 40 days
Medium of Instruction at Present: Telugu
Number of Trainees in each batch: 15-20


The General Course Work: A wide range of pedagogical methods are used, including lectures, library study, role-plays, workshops, discussions and outings, in order to achieve the objectives of the course. Much importance was given to the use of interactive modes of learning.


The intensive program consisted of:


  1. Classroom lectures
  2. Group discussions
  3. Role plays
  4. Readings
  5. Videos
  6. Reading Assignments
  7. Intercessory Prayer Meetings


Facilitation Team:


National and International expertise in the area of Leadership skills are in the faculty team. RAN administrative team carefully chose these facilitators in advance.


This Leadership Training Program was held from 1st Oct – 12th Nov 2012. The Opening meeting began with the inaugural function at 5.30pm on 1st Oct 2012 at the training centre with the prayer of the President of the organization Mr. M. Sundara Rao and General Secretary Vijaya Sastry Meesala. Singing was done by Mr. Samuel Isacc and team, followed by Scripture readings. The Inaugural message was delivered by Mr. M. Sundara Rao. Then Mr. Vijay gave the introduction to the organization and the Leadership Training Program (the origins and the visions of the centre). At this inaugural, entire visiting faculty and the coordinator Mr. Prema Raju were also present.


The students had the opportunity for practical work in the local communities along with the theoretical studies. Conflict management in Missions, Introduction to World Major Religions, Inductive Bible Study, Homiletics, Major Religions and Spiritual Movements, Community Development, and Leadership Skills were among the many subjects that were taught during the training period.


On 12th Nov we had closing day of the Training Program. Mr. Barnabas Sajja and Mr. Jordon Thomas were the chief guests and speakers. It was really a blessed meeting. Leaders of the organization prayed for the students and sent them to the field work.


We always remain grateful to all the supporters for their generous support and needed funds for conducting this training program.


As a result of this training program, we have started ten new discipleship programs in the communities across in 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh and nine of them are in the most unreached areas


I am grateful to our Lord for giving us the opportunity to conduct this Training. I am especially thankful to the supporters for their generous gifts towards this training program. May God bless them. I can assure that this training was very much useful and those who were in training are benefited, will continue to reap the benefits and result for the sake of the holistic society: Mr. M. Sundara Rao, President.


I am thankful to God for this short but useful training that I have had for the last 40 days. We have learned many things in this training. We should share our experiences to our friends who did not have the privilege to attend this training. We are challenged about the unreached communities and people through this training program. I am also very much inspired by the workshop that was conducted on Conflict Management in Missions. This is truly helpful. I came here without much focus on anything but now I will go to the field with specific vision. We have been fully engaged during these few days, and I have found new friends from other regions. This will remain one of the most pleasurable memories for me: Anand Paul, Student.


I am fortunate to be able to come for this training. I am thankful to the organizers. I wish this could have been for a longer period since 40 days is a very short time. The experienced teachers and their personal life style justify a great impression on me. Yes, the accommodation is very congested but still we were able to be here because we were here for something worth while in our work: B. Yehoshua, Student.


Though this training is organized by RAN, the participants have gained a lot on Leadership Qualities to do our work effectively. I am grateful to God for everyone who helped in this training program to come to a reality: Ch. Sarada, Student.


The classes on Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ, and Muslim Evangelism were very informative, inspiring and challenging. I learnt much about Church Planting through this training. I really wish this training could have been little longer than 40 days: Chikati. Johnson, Student.


Starting/Completion Time: It is a 40 days training program done each year depending on the funding availability. This is an ongoing project. This training is a 40 days intensive and residential program.


Number of the Students: Out of 34 students who joined the Leadership Training, students came from 5 different districts (Krishna, Adilabad, Guntur, Vizag, and Vijayanagaram) of Andhra Pradesh. The Teaching Faculty includes Pastor. M. Sundara Rao, Mr. M. David Raju, Mr. Ishmael, Ms. Poonam, Mr. M. Vijaya Sastry, Mr. M. Vedanayakam Sastry, Mr. Eda David Raju, Mr. K. Thomothy, Mr. P. Vara Prasad, and Mr. M. Ratna Raju.


Status and Progress: This sort of Leadership Training began from 2006 onwards. This training programs’ goal is to train Godly, faithful, and God glorifying leaders for the communities of Believers at large. So far 5 leadership training programs trained more than 73 young leaders in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At present the training program is opened to Telugu speaking students from Andhra Pradesh. We also envisage offering graduate and post-graduate degrees in the coming future.


Please Pray: Due to lack of the proper felicities and accommodation, it becomes difficult to accommodate the students. Even the rented felicities does not suit the learning environment. So it will be helpful to have RAN’s own building felicity to conduct such long term training programs.


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