Community Development

We provide intensive and non-intensive training on how to “engage with our Neighbors.” Such training is very important and needed for those who are called to serve the Lord in the 10/40 Window countries where there is a great need to spread the Good News. This program is designed to create a platform for local, national, and international missionaries, church leaders, pastors, church youth, lay people, and seminarians to explore and be equipped with knowledge on the Issues, Models, Opportunities, and Challenges in “engaging with our Neighbors” in the 10/40 Window.

These studies also provide a Closer Look at the Major Approaches in engaging with our Neighbors and analysis of their Success and Failure. Looking at the Christian mission to “Our Neighbors” in India for the last hundred years reveals that in spite of much Christian missionary effort among “Our Neighbors” there hasn’t been ‘satisfactory’ result. Christians are much more ready to preach the Gospel to people in far-off places than to “Our Neighbors” who may live very close to them? The usual answers are that the results of mission work among “Our Neighbors” are too meager or that they will not become Christians anyway or that it is very difficult to make them understand the truth and so on. Coupled with this is often fear that anyone who preaches to “Our Neighbors” takes his/her life in his/her hands and subjects himself/herself to the threat of bodily violence. Where have we gone wrong? Why still stick with methods that aren’t working? It is important to analyze these questions and find answers so that we can break out of the historical rut and find out more creative and positive ways in approaching and relating to “Our Neighbors”.

In this course we will also explore understanding of “Our Neighbors”, their practices, history, philosophy, and theology. It also provides a time to examine various approaches of ministry among “Our Neighbors “.

Participants, usually numbering around 35, include men and women from different Christian denominations and backgrounds (missionaries, pastors, students, lay people, and seminary students).

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