Pastor's Conferences

Being a leader of a church or a discipleship group one gets pulled in many different directions. It seems they are loaded with ever-changing growth programs, new methods, and styles of services; and their communities and groups direct them in a numerous of directions seeking to have their personal preferences met. A church leader is expected to make his church group successful, always be on the cutting edge, produce quick growth, and keep everyone happy. There is pressure to perform rather than to grow in integrity and faithfulness. The church desperately needs to continue with the simple message of Jesus Christ, preaching and teaching the Word of God and the cross-centered life. The conferences we conduct is aimed to help leaders in such situation to have a time to reflect and rejuvenate in their commitment to serve people.


RAN Leadership conferences seeks:


To encourage and Support Church leaders that are serving in difficult situations and to put arms around these pastors by encouraging them and offering our care and prayer. Many ministers we work with are themselves poor and serve in very poor areas of the world. They are alone, discouraged, and ready to quit. Many feel like failures because they think they are not doing enough. These church leaders need an extraordinary infusion of encouragement

To help support to deal with the overwhelming needs in their services. The needs of these leaders are immense and their tasks are daunting. These conferences provide space and hope to these church leaders resulting in a powerful ripple effect on their personal life and in communities that they are serving in.


This are ongoing programs in various places and periods of the year.


One of the common response for those who attended our educational conferences was “As I do not have much theological training, this conference helped me learn a systematic way to study Scripture and provided me with tools to interpret it well.”


RAN works with these pastors through a three to five-days conferences. We were able to fellowship with each other, pray together with them, provide information and resources that are needed to equip themselves in the services they are performing in the given communities. Topics like Leadership Skills, Biblical Understanding of Leadership, Forgiveness, The Good News, Holiness, Correct Doctrines, Pastoral Counseling, Discipleship, Books of the Bible, Missions, Conflict Resolution, Ministry to Orphans, Widows, and the Poor, and many more.