Relief Work

July 2012


Assisting people in times of urgent needs: In Ventrapragada village two houses were burnt. As a Christ loving people we were able to provide some financial assistance to rebuild their homes.

As usual RAN is always the first one to bring help to the people in need. When we learned that these two homes Ch. Paripurna and S. Bharathi, we as a team, went to the house to help put the fire off before the fire truck came in. We also invited both the families to our Church community and gave them food and financial support to help with their needs.


December 2012


Overview of the Project: There are about 38 chenchu families in our village. Alcoholism is a serious problem for many of the Chenchu. Their addictions allow them to temporarily escape from the reality of their difficult lives, but they need to find the permanent source of peace Jesus Christ, our Lord. There used to be always fighting and conflicts among themselves all the times. But Pastor. M. Sundara Rao’s Gospel entered into this small community. After several years of work and preaching the Gospel many of their lives changed now. In the month of December 2012 there were heavy rains and due to rains this community was facing many difficulties.

Through RAN’s generous support of ministry friends we were able to support 38 family members of the Chenchu community and provide cloths for men, women and children. And we also provided blankets for all the Chenchu community members. Through this we were also able to share about values of life though the Scriptures and also talked about the importance of hygiene especially during the rainy season.


November 2006:


This project aims at providing support and relief during any natural calamities.


Brief Report on the Recent Flood relief Work:

“This cyclone has killed at least 50 people in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Heavy rains and winds up to 100km per hour destroyed homes and buildings, damaged plantations and caused floods in coastal districts”, officials said. Heavy rains and gales lashed coastal Andhra Pradesh from 28th October – 06th November 2006. Some 8,000 families have lost their homes and crops on 600,000 acres of farm land have been destroyed. The severe storm also uprooted thousands of trees and electricity and telephone poles. Temperatures dipped in the predominantly tropical state and one official told that the dead included people who had succumbed to cold weather. Nearly 20,000 villagers had been evacuated. This was the first winter cyclone in the state in 18 years.

News reports indicate that, according to the Govt. Official records, the loss amounts to worth rupees 2165 cores (about $ 503488.00). 270 shelters have been provided but still 100000 people are stuck without adequate shelter in the villages. The present flooding has resulted in further impoverishment of the already underprivileged and most marginalised Dalit and Tribal communities who live in low-lying and vulnerable zones of the coastal areas.

From the Krishna district it is reported that government relief measures had difficulties reaching people. Many families have been rendered homeless but have not received any shelter assistance due to lack of support from various agencies both government and non-government. In most of the inundated areas the families/communities have lost all their personal belongings and still have received no relief. The small amount of relief extended by the government was not sufficient for one week.

RAN assessment reports indicated that the district most affected by the cyclone is Krishna. It is noted that in 31 Mandals (blocks), 36 villages are the most affected ones. In this district, 16,520 families has been affected. RAN will carry out its humanitarian assistance operations in 10 villages (1,000 families) in Krishna district.

A relief and rehabilitation project was conducted from 6th December 2006 – 7th April 2007 for the communities that were affected by the cyclone in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. The objective was to meet immediate food needs (items such as rice, dhal and oil) for the affected families, to provide basic clothes and blankets to affected families, to extend traditional house-building materials to the families whose houses are damaged, and to provide medical treatment and medicines for the victims. This project was administered by RAN in collaboration with Emmanuel Ministries of Andhra Pradesh and the BEST organization of Tamil Nadu.

A total of 972 families from nine village in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, were benefited through this project. RAN’s team, Emmanuel Ministry team members, and other local church pastors all played vital roles in completing this project successfully. We had an impact on peoples’ lives with the love of Jesus Christ and helped to wipe their tears away